There's a whole world of sound to discover in and around Shanghai and you can hear sample excerpts of just a few below.在上海,您可以探索到一个属于音声的世界。在这里您就能试听到几个举例

Listen to some sample soundscapes... 试听短样音景...

shanghai conservatory of music - corridor lingering

Okay - so I did not have an official invitation to visit SCM ... in the beginning. Engaging 'audio ninja' mode, on my first couple of visits I snuck in. After some wandering around, I discovered a sonic jewel, just a stone's throw from the busy traffic outside the Conservatory's walls. The Department of Traditional Music. In this first cut you'll hear exactly what I did - wandering along the corridors outside the practice rooms .. it was just a foretaste of what I was to discover later ...



night market

Take a short walk from the East Nanjing Road with its designer stores and you'll be in a much more local shopping environment - and soundscape - experience it here in binaural stereo using good headphones. 

the 'plum rains' 梅雨

June is the season for the 'Plum Rains' or 梅雨 (meiyu or “may yoo” in Mandarin), so called because it's the time when the plums ripen on the trees. This is a composite soundscape recorded at locations close to the Henan, Fuzhou, Jingling and Middle Sichuan Roads of the Huangpu District during the day and at night.



Photo by 拍摄者:Niko Hättich:

Photo by 拍摄者:Niko Hättich:

You need to be on The Bund early - between 6 and 8am to enjoy the sight and sound of kites. The one in this recording is a string of foils ... half close your eyes & you can imagine a shimmering dragon dancing in the wind. Towards the end you'll here the purring of stunt kite.

想享受风筝的景色和声音,您必须提早赶到外滩, 大概清晨六到八点。录音里的风筝是由一串金属薄片制成的。轻轻闭上眼睛,您将可以想像到一条光芒闪烁的龙在空中摆舞。 在录音的结尾,您将会听到隆隆的特技风筝声。


This musician uses an amplifier & the acoustics of a concrete shelter to great effect. 



Chanting, bells, dissonant percussion, whispered prayers. Perhaps one of the most sonically rich and rewarding experiences in Shanghai is stepping inside a temple’s wall – whether it’s to relative hush ... or to a ceremony in full swing.



wanshang bird & insect market

From the street you can barely tell there's a market there - but step a few paces inside the Wanshang market and the air pulsates with the songs of hundreds of crickets - not to mention caged birds of all descriptions. An miss-able stop on any sonic tour of Shanghai.

The eternal song of shanghai's streetcorners

The song you'll hear played on almost every street corner in Shanghai is not a Chinese tune - its 'Quien Sera' - a Mexican song which is just one of a hundred tunes offered for sale on the bootlegged Latin CD - but for some reason they only ever play this one! This soundscape is a medley from several different locations between East Nanjing Road and Peoples Square. 




This sample from a long playing soundscape starts in a busy street market as thunder rolls in. As the rain intensifies we move from the busy street down a narrow lilong. As the rain gradually abates & the water trickles into the drains, a lonely scooter disappears into the damp night. Strangely soothing. Recorded in XY stereo; 48 KHz, 24 bit depth. The complete soundscape and many others in XY and binaural stereo are available for purchase - contact:

Cycle through country lanes beyond the water town of Zhujiajiao on the outskirts of Shanghai and you may stumble across the aquatic center - with two vast Olympic-sized rowing lakes. Its a marvelous place to enjoy a tranquil few hours and enjoy the birdsong - including Eurasian blackbirds, Chinese bul buls and white-cheeked starlings which roost under the eaves of one of the giant stadia.

Original recording in XY stereo, 48 KHz, 24 bit depth- to download a long playing version follow this link:


Moving off a busy street into Longhua Park traffic sounds fade and birdsong almost obscures the urban hum. Recorded in XY stereo; 48 KHz & 24 bit depth. Original long playing soundscape available for puchase & download here:


Here Be Dragons!

Photo by Nicklas Hultman

'HERE BE DRAGONS' - is a 30 minute radio program all about the sounds of Shanghai on Australian Radio National. 

To listen follow this link:

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