'Hear Shanghai' is a collection of short recordings made from different locations within the municipality of Shanghai. 

Updated daily, this project helps bring you closer to the sounds of the city ... hear some examples below:


hear shanghai 11 pic.jpg

早上5点半的朱家角。Recorded February 11, 2015 at 05:30 in binaural stereo.

hear shanghai 12 pic.jpg

罗城路510号。Recorded on August 7, 2015 using a Sony PCM-D50.


Recorded October 21, 2015 in ORTF. North Chongming Dao- A sluice gate sits quiet until, to my surprise, a general warning message blares out from an otherwise quiet landscape.

Recorded October 22, 2015 in ORTF. Tall bamboo garden behind a row of houses with hundreds of birds chattering. Geese, ducks, and other livestock also were being raised within.